Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Second 9/11: The day our government became our enemy

The Second 9/11: Today will go down in infamy as the day our government became our enemy

"...It’s all so counter-intuitive that the average person likely cannot grasp what is happening at this moment: The United States is switching sides. We are joining forces with a nation of people that hates us and everything we stand for, while simultaneously turning our backs on a nation of people that love us. And we are agreeing with those who do not even grasp the bedrock of our political system, much less approve of it.
In other words: Our government has become overtly anti-American. We are aiding our enemies. We apologize when they attack us, and agree with their reasoning. We discard our own Constitution if our enemies take offense at it.

We are committing suicide. Correction: We are not committing suicide. The Obama administration is committing nation-cide on us, an act of euthanasia on the United States. A mercy killing of our way of life.

Forget about the economy, the campaign, the polls, the partisan jabs: Today’s events all by themselves are more than reason enough why Obama needs to be removed from power as quickly as possible. The mask is completely removed. If he remains in office, by 2016 the United States will be fully allied with Islamic regimes, will be in a state of undeclared hostilities against Israel and our former allies, will clamp down on any speech that criticizes Islam and (eventually) any other politically protected ideology or belief. The First Amendment, and by extension all the amendments that follow, will be in tatters.

Today is the second 9/11."

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