Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Letter toPatients- From the American Association of Physicians & Surgeons

Courtesy of Donna Rovito & American Association of Physicians & Surgeons From our friends at AAPS - a letter to run off on your own letterhead and distribute to your patients: "My Valued Employees and Patients: I hope that when the New Year comes, I will still be here to sign your paycheck or to serve you when you are ill. But a lot depends on the outcome of the election. While I cannot tell you how to vote, I strongly urge you to consider all the issues careful ly and to exercise your right to vote. And be sure that you, your family, friends, fellow parishioners, and other like-minded people are registered to vote and do so. As I see it, the one over-riding issue is the need to repeal ObamaCare. There are a couple of pages, constantly talked about, that many people like. And more than 900 pages that they wouldn’t like, if they knew about them. Most of these won’t be in effect until 2014—too late to influence the election. Obama has repeatedly promised that if you like your insurance plan or your doctor, you can keep them. But only, of course, if they are still there. ObamaCare is driving up insurance premiums and even outlawing the most economical policies. ObamaCare is forcing independent doctors out of practice altogether, or into employment by big organizations, to whom you are a cost, a liability, even an annoyance. The other thing that might not be there is your job. ObamaCare costs are causing many employers to cut the number of workers and avoid hiring new ones. Find out how your candidate would vote on repealing ObamaCare. And remember: if he or she is a Democrat running for Senate it might not matter. The Senate is under one-party, virtually one-man rule. If Harry Reid won’t bring an issue to a vote, your Senator can’t vote on it. The House of Representatives has voted some 30 times to repeal ObamaCare. This will not even come to a vote in the Senate and will surely be vetoed by the President if there is not a change in the majority party in the Senate or the occupant of the White House. That’s why party affiliation is of unprecedented importance this year. If you have questions, ask me. I would be delighted to discuss the issues with you, and provide more information. Sincerely, Your Doctor www.aapsonline.org

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