Sunday, October 28, 2012

Doctors 11th hour: Health Care Freedom vs. Slavery- You Pick. It's Your Vote.

A message from Dr. Carrie Triepel - a  Docs4PatientCare  member , and hand surgeon from Virginia Beach to patients. I had the great honor -and pleasure- of meeting Carrie at the national D4PC meeting last month.She is a genuine patriot and doctor and patient advocate who cares deeply about her country, her patients and the practice of medicine. 

American patients are on the verge of giving up their health care freedom to Washington bureaucrats who will have total control over all the money and all the decisions about what care you are allowed to get and under what conditions.As a patient, you are on the verge of delivering your doctor into the hands of federal bureaucrats who will substitute his or her medical decision- making and choices, knowledge, training and judgment for theirs. Make no mistake about it- you - and your health- will be the ultimate victim of this  new health care world order under ObamaCare. Vote accordingly.Your life *will* depend on it someday

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