Sunday, October 7, 2012

Suggestion to Romney Campaign: Leverage Social Media to Combat the Disinformation Campaign of Obama & MSM

Suggestion to Romney Campaign: Leverage Social Media and Internet Activism to Combat the Disinformation Campaign of Obama & MSM

I just submitted the below suggestion on Gov. Romney's campaign website- which puts into black - and -white information on the Romney/ Ryan proposals and stand on various issues. I think it is in their best interest to leverage social media to combat the concerted campaign by Obama and the MSM that he lacks "specifics" and to revise Obama's disastrous policies and record.: 

"There is a concerted effort by Obama & the complicit MSM to use lying, distortion, manipulation, arbitrary clams and historical revisionism in the press to misrepresent Obama's record and policies. They relentlessly make baseless allegations designed to divert attention from Obama's failed economic policies, proposals and disastrous record that contradict Gov. Romney's explicit statements, cast Gov. Romney's plans as lacking in specifics, and put. words in his mouth. Voters need to get the facts about Obama's policies and record.

I think it would be in your best interest to try to better harness social media to better convey the specifics of the Romney plan and bypass the MSM/Obama's propaganda campaign. You have a lot of dedicated bloggers, 
Tea Party activists, internet activists and medical activists who are trying very hard on your behalf to circulate intellectual ammunition combatting the media's disinformation campaign. You  need to better leverage and publicize their efforts in the press in their educational campaign for the American voters.

Gov. Romney's website needs informative and factually supported links to go viral on Twitter and Facebook, etc to reach the American voters and sympathetic, better media sites directly.

Toward that end, on your website, I think it would be Gov. Romney's best interest for the campaign to embed links to reputable source documents in Gov. Romney's over-view of Pres. Obama's record, his failed economic policies, his failed record and Gov. Romney's own brief lay person's explanations of why Obama's policies failed and define and contrast the specifics of his own policies.

He also needs to be able to better explain the truth about ObamaCare and explain and highlight the most dangerous elements of ObamaCare (directly from the plan itself)

Most crucially, he needs to recruit and leverage the credibility, the knowledge, the experience and assistance of practicing physicians and physician groups who oppose ObamaCare on ideological grounds. These physicians and free market think tanks have great, informative videos and well-written material which explain in plain English WHY the proposed ObamaCare polices will be disastrous to America's health care system, why it is wrong for women, wrong for individuals, and wrong for the economy.

Specifically, I would like to propose that he link to some supporting source material/ videos from physician groups such as Docs4PatientCare and American Association of Physicians and Surgeons,  Americans for Free Choice in Medicine, Doctor Patient Medical Association, Freedom and Individual Rights in Medicine and other ideologically allied medical groups.

You need to cite these groups publicly in the press and draw attention to them to better harness their ability to make the case for you. You will be recruiting and arming a better informed, activist group to help you make your case and get your policies and ideas out there.

In backing up his promise to repeal ObamaCare, Gov. Romney needs to jump over the credibility gap created by the MSM's propaganda campaign by leveraging the efforts of practicing physicians THEMSELVES to inform and alert the public to the dangers of ObamaCare and the case for its' repeal- and to explain to the public the rationale and specific policies required for REAL health care reform. 

You also want to provide links to reputable media sites and think tanks that explain in layman's terms WHY ObamaCare is bad for the public and America's health care system- such as NCPA, Dr. Sally Pipes' Pacific Research Institute, Grace Marie Turner's Galen Institute, and others to back up the facts.

These types of organizations have blogs, educational articles and you need to help them help you educate and inform the American voters. You need 
links to valuable supporting resources on Gov. Romney's website which will provide invaluable assistance to activism groups such as the Tea Party and ideologically allied doctors groups to get the message out there though Twitter and social media sites. 

I wish you the best of luck with your campaign. Please feel free to contact me.

Evan Madianos, MD

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