Sunday, October 21, 2012

TAKE ACTION: Join the Docs4PatientCare Patient Education Campaign to Repeal ObamaCare

Docs4PatientCare is  an excellent health care reform organization that advocates for the protection and preservation of the  the doctor-patient relationship. They defend the critical ability of America's physicians to make medical decisions in the best interest of their patients- instead of being forced to follow bureaucratic dictates handed down from Washington, DC.

Ironcially, your duplicitous, manipulative, shameless Con -Man -in-Chief perseverates ad nauseam that no alternative to his health care power grab has ever been put forth, and does not exist. The only  "sensible" option to solving America's health care crisis is HIS and the opposition's plan is "Let people just die in the street". This, of course, is unadulterated nonsense- which he brazenly repeats in the press since he knows full well that none a one of his idol-worshipping main stream media lapdogss would dare challenge him on this and entertain or discuss in the press the myriad of far better,economically sound policies put forth by actual PRACTICNG doctors ( as opposed to those from the AMA and other navel gazing wanna-be-doctor organizations in the US) . 

Several different excellent physican organizations and organizations of health care policy experts have developed detailed, robust , economically sound health care reform plans. Your media, unfortunately, has merely falled down on the job in their resposnibility to inform the American public .

Among them:


Physicians for Reform
Galen Institute
American Association of Physicians & Surgeons
Heritage Foundation
National Center for Policy Analysis
among others.....

So, let's just say that Obama has done an excellent job- of plyaing his characteristic game of deception, disinformation and misinformation- and the  media has done an excellent job: of keeping you in the dark.

The member physicians at Docs4PatientCare tirelessly advocate for REAL, economically sound,  health care reform policies that dramatically decrease health care costs and increase quality and access to medical care by radically overhauling  the US health insurance industry and US tax code. They  resuscitate and reform a critically -ill, financially floundering  Medicare for the long-term. D4PC 's free market reform policies  unshackle doctors and patients from under the  *soon-to-be-absolute*  control of government and 3rd party payer life-time bureaucrats and parasitic middlemen. 

Critically, the D4PC plan restores  the freedom of physicians to practice medicine, the freedom of patients to choose their medical care and doctors. It preserves the freedom, ability and incentive of medical device companies and pharmaceutical companies to push forward the scientific frontiers of medicine and deliver the life-saving innovations  that you-and  this country's health care system- depend on. 

They  have designed a number of terrific  educational  postcards, posters, and brochures that doctors can print out and display in their waiting room or mail to their patients, informing them about the Risk & Perils of ObamaCare.

The time to speak out against ObamaCare is now. The election is rapidly approaching and you can STILL make a critical impact by helping to inform the electorate about the destructive impact that the misleadingly titled  "Affordable Care Act"  will have on the US health care system and economy- and to advocate for  economically sound , problem- oriented solutions to America's health care financing crisis that will lower the costs of medical services and health insurance premiums while critically protecting and preserving  your ability to make your own medical care decisions- free of the highly destructive effects of bureaucratic control.

The time to get involved personally is NOW and the tools to do so are in your hands. Join the Docs4PatientCare "Waiting Room to Exam Room Campaign".Please read and help to distribute our important educational brochures on the risks and perils of ObamaCare- to your own doctors, to other patients, to your friends, family and loved ones.

 Join the historic fight against government and 3rd party payer bureaucratic tyranny in US health care and to once- and- for -all restore freedom and control in medicine to doctors and patients. Join the campaign to reform US health care the RIGHT way- by forcefully * ejecting from power* America's current crop of inept, irresponsible and dangerous politicians and would-be medical technocratic dictators. Please forward this as well to your own doctor, physician colleagues, friends and family. 

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