Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Please Join the Docs 4 Patient Care Alliance

Please join the Docs 4 Patient Care Alliance. 

This organization of non-physician healthcare providers and concerned citizens will be a venue for ordinary Americans to become directly involved in the effort to attain meaningful and sustainable health insurance reform.

The Alliance will keep you up to date on critical health care measures pending in the US Congress and government agencies and being reported in the media.  We will alert you when important legislation is being considered for a vote and give you the ACTION TOOLS to make certain your lawmakers vote appropriately on these issues.

Elected officials need to hear from YOU, their constituent.  You do not need to be a policy expert or professional speaker to have a positive impact.  Contacting lawmakers requires only a few minutes and we will provide you with their contact information and talking points so you can participate in saving our nation’s healthcare system. 

Learn More About the Issues

  • Medicare/Medicaid Reform
  • Uninsured
  • Medical Liability Reform
  • Alternative Proposals for Health Insurance Reform
For more information on the Docs4PatientCare Alliance, GO HERE

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