Monday, October 15, 2012

Share This: Romney For President Announces Healthcare Professionals For Romney

Romney For President Announces Healthcare Professionals For Romney

"Romney for President today announced its Healthcare Professionals for Romney coalition."

“I am pleased to announce the formation of Healthcare Professionals for Romney,” said Mitt Romney. “So much is at stake in this election, including the future of American medical care. Barack Obama put in place a massive governmental takeover of this vital sector of our economy.  (First of all, I would submit that patients and voters have to first become aware of  "What The "Affordable Health Care For America Act," HR3962, Actually Says" )

"I am committed to repealing Obamacare and replacing this costly bureaucratic misadventure with a sensible reform that returns decision-making to states and localities, and patients and doctors. I am proud that so many distinguished physicians and members of the healthcare community, including my son Ben, have joined with me in a common cause for a better America.”

To better promote and leverage the support, health care knowledge and credibility of practicing physicians, I submitted the following suggestionsto the Romney campaign here:

Create a separate webpage on your campaign website for Health Care Professionals for Romney, similar to the Facebook page here.

The webpage should contain an entry form for doctors , nurse, and all other manners of health care professionals to enter their names, titles, locations and supporting testimonials about  the major dangerous features of the PPACA and how it will negatively impact:

*Quality Access and Cost of Patient Care. An educated voter needs to understand the abundantly documented , but predictable adverse consequences and abysmal record of government-run health care systems elsewhere in the world.

*Access to Medical Services as doctors and hospitals go bankrupt or retire or drop Medicare coverage under unsustainable, below cost, government reimbursements, 

*The compromise of the doctor/patient relationship- and the conflict of interest of employed physicians to serve hospital administrators and obey government guidelnes rather than following their best medical judgement (Patients need to know "Who Will Your Doctor Work for Under ObamaCare?" )

*The facts about ObamaCare's $ 716 B Medicare cuts

*The resulting diminished access of Medicare beneficiaries to doctors as doctors leave Medicare in droves or retire

*The mentality, attitudes and stated aims of the various Presidentially-appointed, unelected health car Czars - such as Dr. Donald Berwick, former chair of Medicare, Dr. Ezekial Emanual , Obama health care advisor positioned to become head of the Federal Council on Comparative Effectiveness Research and Office of Management of Budget, and Katherine Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services and all the other like-minded, unaccountable, unelected, federally appointed bureaucrats  leading various commisions under ObamaCare.

*The bureaucratic rationing of medical services to seniors by the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB), the US Preventatitve Task Force and President Obama's deceptive and fraudulent disinformation campaign to misrepresent the rationing function of the newly created federal commissions, which they openly admit and advocate now.

*The dangers of bureacratically determined cost-cutting measures under the misleading Orwellian rubric of "Comparative Effectiveness" criteria

*Compromise of patient medical confidentiality by Electronic Medical Records and how it will be used to track usage of "society's medical resources" by patients and by IPAB bureaucrats empowered to make health care rationing decisions.

*The loss of individual choice of doctor and insurance policy

*The persistent - and worsening- unemployment due to  job loss- and down-sizing or cancelled expansion plans by small business due to higher taxes

* The war on medical innovation

*The destruction of the economy by the astronomical cost of ObamaCare entitlement and trillions of dollars added to the federal debt

*The astronomical cost and burdens of 159 new wasteful meddling federal health care bureaucracies

*The giant sucking sound of innumerable new taxes or increased taxes - Medicare, payroll, capital gains, innovation, -you-name-it  taxes -not just on the rich- but on the middle class and the 16,000 strong army of new IRS agents tasked to collect them to fund ObamaCare

The list goes on and on.

These phenomena ALL need to be described by practicing physicians and health care providers of all stripes and detailed by testimonials on the Romney website and the webisite for Health Care Professionals for Romney/Ryan to put the lie to the propaganda/misinformation/disinformation Obama and MSM campaign over ObamaCare and castrate the  Obama campaign's ability to foist this horrendous bill on American voters using his Chicago -style tactics.

Voters will - or should- trust the opinions of health care professionals over the campaign rhetoric and empty promises of politicians - and this credibility needs to be leveraged and promoted in the same manner as Obama disingenously used a phony photo-op with the AMA in the Rose Garden in 2010 to bolster support for the original passage of ObamaCare.

There are literally tens of thousands of health care professionals who are dying to have their voices heard about the dangerous nature of the health care bill - and the need to Repeal and Replace it - by Repealing and Replacing the current occupant of the White House. 

The Romney campaign needs to galvanize medical professionals to speak out - in their own words- in his support against ObamaCare and serve as a megaphone to passionately deliver their message and appeal to voters at campaign rallies and on TV commercials on behalf of their patients, their professional and personal future, the future of this country and their right to practice their trade and deliver their life-saving medical services completely free of government coercion, micro-management, and meddling.

My bet is that there is no shortage of physicians who would allow you to quote them publicly- by name- in the communities they themselves work. I know I would.

There needs to be a comprehensive list of all health care professionals who support the Repeal and Replacement of ObamaCare by name, profession and location on the website for Health Care Professionals for Romney/Ryan and the link on the Romney campaign website.

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