Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Make No Mistake About It, America: The Majority of Practicing Physicians Do NOT Support ObamaCare

Make No Mistake About it, America: The MAJORITY of Practicing Physicians Do NOT Support ObamaCare. 

Nor do they think it will lead to care that is "affordable", "protected", "quality", "compassionate"  or even  "accessbile"- or whatever unadulterated nonsense the Liar-in-Chief  and his cronies and  complicit media are spewing. 

The MAJORITY of Actual *Practicing* Physicians Loathe it- because it will destroy any vestige of quality in the US health care system and place both them -AND YOU-  at the mercy of thousands of federal bureaucrats making health care decisions FOR US - AND FOR *YOU*. 

If you think that a doctor practicing medicine without a license is dangerous - and a threat to your life, you'd better believe that a federal bureaucrat is. 

ObamaCare needs to be REPEALED - and replaced-  with an entirely NEW, economically sensible health care reform plan that gets the government and 3rd party payer insurance bureaucrats OUT OF MY OFFICE  -AND OUT OF EVERY DOCTORS'  OFFICE - AND OUT OF YOUR LIFE. 

IF you value your life- and your future- and your health care,  A FAR BETTER ALTERNATIVE health care reform plan IS available and is described in great detail below. Please See the Below health care reform plan

But FIRST, in order to get to the stage where RATIONAL, ECONOMICALLY SOUND health care reforms can be implemented, you need to GET RID OF OBAMA AND HIS CRONIES ON NOV 6TH. 


"The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (aka ObamaCare) neither protects patients, nor does it lead to affordable care.  The two fundamental problems that drive up the cost of health care in the United States are the lack of true competition in the health insurance industry and the isolation of physicians and patients from the true costs of health care.  

Rather than addressing these problems, ObamaCare aggravates them by limiting choices of insurance, increasing regulation, and centralizing decision making.  It is the wrong prescription for health care reform in America.  A majority of Americans, particularly physicians, recognize this and thus oppose the new health care law and support its repeal.

Docs 4 Patient Care is an organization of physicians dedicated to the preservation of the doctor-patient relationship.  What follows is our prescription for health care reform in the United States.  

Our primary concern is the health and well-being of our patients.  An additional concern is the health and well-being of our country –physically and financially.  

Accompanying each of the following eight recommendations is a rationale.  These recommendations are intended to serve as a framework on which responsible legislation can be constructed."


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